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All you need to know about bridal makeup courses


Wedding is one of the most important occasion for a person. It is correctly stated that every girl wants to look beautiful and pretty, but at the same time, on the wedding day, every bride wants to look like a show stopper. It is important to note that there are various makeup artists who offer bridal makeup courses and charge as per their convenience. Bridal makeup is not an easy task, as it requires perfectly setting the wedding dress, applying the jewelry, and applying the most trusted cosmetic products to give the bride the prettiest look possible. A person before undertaking a bridal course should possess some basic makeup skills like application of eye makeup and face makeup, etc. This article provides a general overview of the basic understanding of the bridal makeup course.

Important things about bridal makeup courses

An individual should undertake a bridal makeup course from a reputed university. An individual should practise bridal makeup at home as it will improve the skills. It is always advisable to build a strong portfolio while taking the bridal makeup course as a student. It is recommended to mention the best photographs in the portfolio and have a good marketing strategy. There are various cosmetic products that complete the bridal makeup, like highlighter, concealer, primer, lip shades, blush, contour, foundation, etc. Each and every cosmetic product has its own value and enhances the aesthetic look of the bride. For more information, click makeup academy in UAE.

There is nothing more exciting than getting married. A person wants to look their best at the beginning of a new journey with their partner. Airbrush or HD makeups are the most recommended bridal makeup as they last longer for the day. Bridal makeup courses are offered by many reputed universities and beauty schools. An individual should undertake the bridal makeup courses from the university, which provides the certificate as well as practical training in the same. There is a huge competition in the makeup field, and an individual should enhance their skills by learning minute details about bridal makeup.


Bridal makeup artists are earning a good living by practising their skills with cosmetic products on the bride. The wedding is the individual’s most important occasion. There are many things that an individual should consider before enrolling in a bridal makeup course, like university, skills, practical training, etc., and make a viable decision.

Steps To Follow To Create Stunning Arabic Eye Makeup

The best way to highlight a woman of Arab descent’s wide, dark, and expressive eyes is to use a stunning Arabic eye makeup look. Arabic makeup is particularly colourful because it combines vibrant hues with bold eye makeup. Simply follow the simple, detailed instructions in this article to create gorgeous Arabic eye makeup.

Step 1: Conceal Your Eyes in Liquid eyeliner usage

Cover blemishes, dark circles, and lines around the eyes using concealer. For a long-lasting appearance, apply any liquid concealer if possible.

 Step 2: Use primer

Use a primer to increase durability. The goal is to apply cosmetics to a smooth surface. A well prepared eye will guarantee that makeup stays on longer and doesn’t flake off.

The metallic glow primers that are helpful are as follows:

1. The eye makeup staying on longer gives the eyeshadow its real tone.

2. Keep you from getting undesirable creases.

Step 3: Cover the lids with pink eyeshadow.

Use an eyeshadow brush to apply the pink makeup, then tap off any extra. This guarantees that you won’t overapply makeup.

Apply the colour to the entire lid, making sure it is below the crease and blending from the inner to the outer corner.

Blend the eye shadow well all over the lid and extend it slightly in a winged technique.

Step 4: Apply Purple Shade to Eyelid’s Outside Edge Preserve

Applying the purple shade to the outside of the eyelid and extending it below the pink eye makeup will give the appearance of a faint wing.

If required, make the shade darker, but make sure it doesn’t extend inward.

Step 5: Widen Eyes

Make the eyes stand out by using a highlighting hue on the inner corner and beneath the brow bone.

Step 6: Line your eyes

The key is to make your eyes appear almond-shaped and slightly expanded from the outer corner as you line them from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Keep it subtle and match the purple hue.

To draw attention to the eyes, line the lower lash line while keeping it medium thick.

Step 7: Coat your eyes in mascara

After removing any debris, coat your lashes with your favourite mascara. Alternatively of mascara, you might use eyelashes. Arabesque eye makeup is one way to update your appearance and add some variation. Nothing can stop you from achieving the dramatic and ominous vibe you want to convey if you use bold colours and techniques properly. Keep in mind that the colours you select should match your skin tone and be combined with items that won’t harm your skin.


With all of this in mind, you can be sure that this type of eye makeup will make you stand out from the crowd and impress others.